About us: We are a husband and wife team on a mission to inspire others and promote real honest food.

The inspiration behind RAWBEING came from a love of simple, natural and nutritious ingredients, alongside wanting to create a socially and environmentally responsible company. Jayne started her nutrition journey back in 2015 by embarking on a 3 year degree course in Human Nutrition. This has been an invaluable support not only to the nutritional aspect of the company, but also has enabled us to build the foundations needed to start an organic and sustainable company.

Co-founder Tom, has always had a sweet tooth and would often indulge in processed, sugar filled desserts and treats… soon realising the negative impact that this had on his body and overall wellbeing he wanted to make a change and adopt a more ‘whole foods’ approach.
So, for many of us, it’s all or nothing! Jumping between over-indulging to depriving! We know this road — how miserable!

Wouldn’t it be good if everyone could indulge in sweet treats, without compromising their health? We believe it’s all about moderation – Food should be enjoyed yet nourish our mind, body and souls.

The company is growing steadily and we are incredibly excited about the future of RAWBEING so, please follow us on this journey. We would love to hear your opinion on the products and inspiring recipe ideas through social media….stay tuned.