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Our Packaging

Trying to do better !!!


Here at Rawbeing we have constantly been striving to source the best packaging possible. It is well documented the problem that plastic is causing in the world but what is the long term solution ?


Our aim is to be completely transparent with what we are working with and what we are working towards.


Unfortunately regular petrol based  plastics are such a good material for keeping food fresh, there feels like there will always have to be a play off in this area. But does there…


After 18. Months of research, hundreds of emails, hundreds of hours of phone calls we have found, what we believe, is the best we can do. The key points we have considered in making our decisions is:


Material start life.

So much is made of where packaging will end up!! (And rightly so) But how it begins its journey is so important too. Most plastics are synthetic which are derived from crude oil, natural gas or coal.


Ease of disposal for end user.

While its not nice for us to admit, people have busy and sometimes difficult lives, we wanted to find a product that was simple and clear in how it was to be disposed of.

Recycling isn’t the answer.

A lot is made of recycling plastics. We don’t believe this is the answer long term with plastics.  The journey with petrochemicals is so damaging to the planet we believe that the term ‘ Recycling Plastics’ is a fine example of greenwashing.

Keeping our products fresh

Shelf life is hugely important. We’ve sourced layers of home compostable materials that when put together, give our products the maximum amount of protection from moisture.




Our packaging is made up of fully home compostable materials, the best way for you to dispose of this is a home compost bin, or even better - an Industrial composting collection. The thing about home composting is that the time it takes to completely breakdown is dependent on the elements. The best thing about our packaging is that once its broken down it is actually good for the soil. Industrial composting is done in a controlled environment where it brakes down in the quickest time. Our packaging materials are all bio-based. Basically this means that they are made form biological substances like fats, oils and starch.



All of our packaging has gone though rigorous checks by A Plastic Planet. These amazing people have created a recognisable logo to make it easier for consumers to know they are not buying (regular) plastics. You can find out more about them here




Our Dream


The more companies that use products like this, the more local authorities will build facilities that breaks them down. We would say put it in your food waste bin but we know some councils might not except plus we can’t expect the collector to check the pack in each bin. I suppose one of our biggest objectives was - Whats the worst case scenario ? Ends up in the sea or in a bush somewhere !!! We know that it will break down and have no damaging effects, in fact it will give nutrients to that soil !!


If you’ve read this then we are super grateful that you care as much as we do. Contact us if you have any questions or ideas !!