Baobab Hot Toddy

Baobab Hot Toddy

RB .

The perfect tonic for the changing seasons~ Baobab Hot Toddy. A soothing, warming and uplifting immune boost. 

1tbs RAWBEING organic baobab powder

1tbs cinnamon powder

2-3 tsp Honey (coconut sugar for vegans)

3 bags of Rooibos tea

2 star anise

A handful of lemon thyme 

1 small lemon 

Mix the boabab powder with the cinnamon and honey in a bowl.

Brew the tea with 4 cups of almost boiling water - allow to cool slightly


Add the thyme and star anise to the teapot. 

Stir in the spiced honey mixture and pour in the lemon juice.


Stir well and pour into mugs through a tea strainer or sieve 💕