Organic Cacao Powder

Organic Cacao Powder

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What Is Cacao?

Our cacao powder is derived from creole beans that grow in the Peruvian rainforest. The raw beans are fermented and naturally sun-dried at ambient tropical temperatures. This process helps to retain vital nutrients, which contribute to the quality and flavour of the cacao. The creole variety is known as 'The Queen of Cacao', renowned for its high quality and distinct flavour.


Our cacao powder is 100% pure, with absolutely nothing added, just natural cacao. It has a rich decadent chocolate flavour. 

What is the nutritional profile of cacao powder?


Cacao powder is a great source of magnesium which plays a role in over 600 cellular processes including energy production, nervous system function~

for our muscles and for strong bones and teeth. Magnesium may also support a healthy blood pressure.

Cacao can also be high in flavonoids, which are known to have antioxidant activity. 

Here are some ways to add it to your diet:.

• Blend into Smoothies, Mousses and Energy Balls.

• Bake into Brownies, Cakes and Cookies.

• Stir into Hot Chocolate, Porridge and Yoghurt.

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