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The Baobab Fruit: An Active Nutritious Powerhouse

Ever tried or even heard of Baobab? Whats all the hype about? The baobab fruit comes from the ‘African Tree of Life’ it is the only fruit in the world that dries naturally on the branch. The pulp, inside the fruit is dehydrated by the sun meaning no processing is involved to turn the pulp into baobab powder.


Baobab powder is a rich source vitamin C which contributes to normal immune function and energy release, high in calcium, potassium and a source of magnesium. This delightful tasty fruit powder has only naturally occurring sugars. Packed full of fibre making it a great natural prebiotic too.


What to do with it?


Simple, sprinkle over fruit or yoghurt for a natural lemon sherbet taste….Yum! For more ways to enjoy Baobab powder click here