The Science Of Wellbeing

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We are excited to be featured in the UK’s no.1 science magazine, BBC Focus (digital edition). Fascinating articles and a great read. You’ll find us in the Science Of Wellbeing section, alongside other products, courses and activities that can help build a better today and a brighter tomorrow 🌍💚.

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Organic Cacao Powder

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What Is Cacao?

Our cacao powder is derived from creole beans that grow in the Peruvian rainforest. The raw beans are fermented and naturally sun-dried at ambient tropical temperatures. This process helps to retain vital nutrients, which contribute to the quality and flavour of the cacao. The creole variety is known as 'The Queen of Cacao', renowned for its high quality and distinct flavour.


Our cacao powder is 100% pure, with absolutely nothing added, just natural cacao. It has a rich decadent chocolate flavour. 

What is the nutritional profile of cacao powder?


Cacao powder is a great source of magnesium which plays a role in over 600 cellular processes including energy production, nervous system function~

for our muscles and for strong bones and teeth. Magnesium may also support a healthy blood pressure.

Cacao can also be high in flavonoids, which are known to have antioxidant activity. 

Here are some ways to add it to your diet:.

• Blend into Smoothies, Mousses and Energy Balls.

• Bake into Brownies, Cakes and Cookies.

• Stir into Hot Chocolate, Porridge and Yoghurt.

Shop RAWBEING organic cacao powder here

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Organic Maca Powder

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What is maca and how is it usually consumed? 

Maca is a root vegetable that is native to Peru, and is related to broccoli, cauliflower and kale. The root, which is the edible part of the vegetable, looks similar to a cross between a parsnip and a radish with green leaf tops, but it is usually consumed as a ground powder and its taste is quite malty and nutty.

What is the nutritional profile of maca?

Maca is known for its strong nutritional profile. It is high in certain minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc as well as some B vitamins including B3 (niacin) Vitamin C 

 One teaspoon of maca powder also contains about 10% of our RDA of copper for adults. Copper is needed to help trigger the release of iron to form haemoglobin which carries oxygen around the body, as well as being involved in the production of both red and white blood cells.

Our Mighty Maca powder contains only pure, 100% raw organic maca, simply dried and ground into a fine powder. It has a delicious burnt caramel flavour.

Here are some ways to add it to your diet:

Blend into Smoothies, Juices and Energy Balls

Bake into Bread, Muffins, Cakes and Cookies

Stir into Porridge, Yoghurt and Hot drinks

Shop RAWBEING organic maca here.

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Our packaging

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As a new company, RAWBEING is always striving to make improvements…..

The balance between providing the very best products, while having the smallest footprint possible, is a challenge for a company like ours. When RAWBEING was launched, we wanted to provide the finest organic nutritional, powders (and nibs) without the use of plastic. We also wanted to avoid the use of over or unnecessary packaging.

Plastic can sometimes be hard to avoid and its great to see so many people and companies becoming aware of how our consumerism is really taking its toll on our planet.

So…we have decided to make an adjustment to one of our products and also to go in a slightly different direction. We have now added an internal, fully compostable and biodegradable bag to our maca powder. Due to the natural properties of our 100% pure organic maca powder, without any additives or preservatives, naturally it can harden. The hardening of the maca powder does not affect it’s quality in any way and can easily be worked back into a perfect powder, within the bag.

This bag is the very best there is, being fully compostable, biodegradable and made in the UK from cellophane film that has been accredited biodegradable & compostable to 'BS EN 13432' and 'OK Compost'. The bags are also approved for Anaerobic digestion (ISO 15985) & Marine biodegradation ASTM D6691-09. The film has been tested to ensure that once composted there are no adverse effects on plant growth. This has not been a decision that has been made lightly but we feel it is a necessary one to keep the Maca from its natural hardening process.

We believe this is the best solution and inline with our company ethos.

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We can now be found at Standsted Farm Shop

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We’re thrilled to announce that all of our products are now stocked at the delightful, Stansted Park Farm Shop 😁. Pop in to boost your wellbeing this winter with our organic Cacao powder and nibs, Baobab powder and mighty Maca powder.

Check out their website below:

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Rice Up Wholefoods

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Our organic baobab and maca powders have found a new home 🏡.
We are 😁 that RAWBEING is now stocked at Rice Up Wholefoods in Southampton. Check out this awesome store...

Rice Up Wholefoods

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Now available in Offbeet !!!

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Super pleased to see our products now stocked at the amazing Offbeet !!😀 Not that you would need another reason to visit this amazing vegan cafe!!  Delicious food and Devine below for more info



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Find us in Cowdray Farm Shop 😃

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Rawbeing is now stocked at Cowdray Farm Shop in West Sussex. Their farm shop is incredible, in lovely surroundings... with an amazing cafe !!

Take a look at their website for more information..

Cowdray Farm Shop

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We are now approved with the Soil Association

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Here at Rawbeing we are delighted to have our organic status approved by The Soil Association, the UK's leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food.  
We are excited to be working alongside people who share our vision for a better future!! 



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